Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Agenda

Agenda: things to be done, matters to be acted, a list. We are taught, at least in this country, to have one. What do you want to get done? How are you going to do it? And most importantly, who is going to help you to accomplish it? All great questions.

While I am a HUGE advocate, fan, and participator in networking, connecting and gathering; I am also a lover of people. I want to know their stories, passions, what makes them tick, how they get through hard times, what makes them laugh, and most importantly, how can I help? Well, I have learned, primarily in these last few years of life, that not everyone wants to help; some just want to have. It was a bit of a rude awakening (I know, I know, I was naive. . .I accept it!).

After getting the hint, I initially became very guarded with my information, connections, sharing, etc. However, it just made me feel a bit paranoid and not feel like me. So, I went back to my old ways of getting to know people for who they are. Now, I am NOT saying that I never think, when I hear someone mention something that I'm interested in, that people I meet can't help me in my journey. What I am saying, is that I believe you should get to know people for who they are and let the connections flow naturally.

Under this system, will some take and never give? Absolutely. Will you get back something every time you give? Nope. However, you will, most certainly reap the rewards. Some call it karma, reaping what you sow, what comes around, goes around and all the other sayings in between. What I'm saying, essentially is that I believe in getting to know people and I believe in serving first. It has proven to be a good method...and not just for me. Feel free to ask around.

Okay, so onto those who always walk around with an agenda. I've had very prosperous times in life and some not so prosperous. In the times where I was visible and appearing to have some prosperity, there were certain people who were always sure to call, check in, say hello if they saw me out, so on and so on. However, during the transition years (code for the really challenging times), I was off of the the "agenda". No calls came in and while they spoke when they saw me, there certainly were no offers for lunch, dinner, coffee or drinks. It was a little comical to me because one thing I know for sure is that the one thing that is constant is change. Any moment in your life is just that. . .a moment. AND by the way, the majority of us are just a situation away from hard times. It is by the grace of GOD (for my believers), hard work, right place & right time, etc. that you're not going through it (but then some of you reading this are going through right now - REMEMBER, it's just a moment in time.

Don't live in the Land of Make Believe thinking that because you have it all buttoned up today, that those buttons won't come popping off like the cork off of a shaken champagne bottle. Consider yourself blessed (as I totally do) if times are good. Hold on until the next moment if you are in a difficult stretch.

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