Monday, October 25, 2010

When the Fantasy is Over. . .Come Back Home

They (society) have created a fantasy world for us to believe in and chase after. I'm sure it's been in existence for a long time, but I first recognized it as the "Pepsi generation". While the "Pepsi Generation" campaign was about being youthful and active, it was the beginning of "lifestyle" marketing; where products & people were associated with a way of life. The flood gates were open. Products began one upping each other on the types of lifestyle that they were associated with. The message, if you buy our product then you too can be associated with this high quality lifestyle (and that we believe you should desire).

Since the early 90s, our appetite for the "lifestyle" has increased significantly. The lifestyle has been presented in the form of thin wastes, large breasts, alcoholic beverages, iced out everything (including teeth), parties with pretty people, red carpets with famous people, problem free living, $200,000 cars and homes that could house a village. That is all so great and I mean it, for some.

I'm actually a fan of a healthy dose of fantasy from to time. It's fun, it can help to balance the realities of life and can give you, what should be, a lighthearted outlet. However, be careful how much of the fantasy world you consume. You can over dose on it and become a slave to the desire for it or get depressed because haven't been able to achieve it; you buy into the message that those who live this life are truly "somebody".

Here's the thing. . .behind the glitz and the glam and the love affairs and lipo, are the real lives of people, with everyday problems. Imagine how fortunate we are to be able to live our lives so privately; making our mistakes with only a few (relatively speaking) people getting wind of it; to be able to walk into the grocery store and not be mobbed by people expecting you to look every bit of perfect at 7:00am on a Saturday morning; to not have your every imperfection highlighted and talked about by people you don't even know (and then spread throughout the ether within minutes). Somehow it makes sense that the fantasy life is perpetuated because we're hungry for it and want to believe, even if for just a moment, that it's possible. Thank you to the sacrifice of your privacy, to those who give us those moments.

So, enjoy the fantasy, but when it's over, come back home. Plan for your real life as defined by you, even put a piece of the fantasy in there, if you like. Know that perfection is not a human goal; the ultimate lifestyle (as seen on TV) does not really exist. Although, there is a great and powerful real life awaiting. Your ultimate fantasy as dreamed up by you.

Live your truth!

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