Saturday, October 9, 2010

The "Haves"

They are the ones you look at and admire through your own personal success lens. Depending on who you are, they may be single, travel the world, run a company and good looking. They may be married with 2.5 kids, colonial style house with the white picket fence, a Tahoe and a dog. They may be an entertainer with the looks of Aphrodite or Adonis, great body and lots of the material possessions. They may be a famous athlete at the top of their game with the respect and adoration of a nation. No matter who they are, you're looking and sometimes wondering why your life can't look like theirs; why you can't "have" what they "have.

Well, here's the thing. First, very rarely are things what they seem. Secondly, even when they are, it is senseless to set your sights on the lives of others. You have NO idea what the sacrifices were they made to get there or even if they are happy. The more time I spend on the entertainment scene, the more I see how much of a set up it is for the average joe. They are creating an image for us, because we've told them through ratings, twitter, facebook, etc. that we want this. The problem is that many of us believe exactly what we see.

Take a minute to come out of the Land of Make Believe, define your own goals for your own life. Trust me that what you see is not necessarily what you want from other's lives. There may components of it that you want. Incorporate those aspects into your journey, know the consequences that come with the dream and move out!

Those who truly "have it all" have worked for it. To be clear, because it's my definition, having it all means fulfillment, purpose, resources, good relationships, work they enjoy, purpose, etc. If your definition is narrow and only includes monetary gain, then certainly you will always look at others who have it as the ones to emulate. Be careful.

Live your truth!

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  1. Hello,
    I think that All believers are charged with the responsibility to enlighten God’s people of the truth. Monica, what you do on a daily basis is a clear form of worship. It does not take a “traditional way” of veneration…just a word of encouragement to put those that are lost on track……The Lord smiles at this. My supplication, for you, is that you continue your flourishing journey in your unique way of worship. :))

    Darren Mapp