Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What to do with "IT"

As difficult as facing the truth may be, I believe that it is a necessary step to a healthy and fulfilled life. The Land of Make Believe is a safe place, and also a place that crumbles over time. I must admit, people are extremely creative in finding ways to keep the Land in tact. They stay busy, self reflect NEVER, they take prozac, paxil and other medications to stay (I do recognize that some people need these medications for real reasons that are caused by chemical inbalances. . not talking to you). They will not go without a fight. Why?

What would happen if you realized that what you wanted to believe wasn't actually the truth. You've gained weight, your spouse hasn't been interested, you do hate your job, you don't want to major in pre-law, you are broke (for now)? All of these are moments in time. They don't have to remain, but even if they do. So what? Are you less of a giving, kind, ambitious, intellectual, saavy individual? Of course not.

Now, what I think it means, is that there is room for communication; with yourself and others in the situation. If you are in a relationship where the connectivity has faded or is non-existant; I say TALK ABOUT IT! What happened? How did we get here? What would help? It will be tough, but on the otherside is understanding, truth and the ability to make your choices with all of the information.

If you are in a job that you hate; what does that mean? More communication; with yourself, your mentors, your friends and (dare I even say it), with someon in your company. I'm not suggesting you run right in to your bossess office and confess that you hate your job and can't wait to get out. However, you can begin discussions (after understanding a bit more about yourself, what you want out of your life, job, etc. and having fully thought it through) with key people that will help you to get out of the Land of Make Believe. Sometimes, we stay because of money, presitge, what other people think, etc. Whose life is this any way? Still love Will Smith's quote about spending money to buy things you can't afford, to impress people you don't even like. . . .and I would add and who could care less in the long run about what you're up to.

We'll be continuing our discussions on Truth and Authenticity. For now, go the "IT" that you have in the Land of Make Believe where you reside and begin with some self reflection on the matter. Be honest with yourself; not just about how you feel (because feelings come and go), but what causes you to feel that way. Emotions and feelilngs are not always a cause for immediate action. We must understand why.

Until next time. . .

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