Saturday, August 14, 2010


Peek-a-boo, I see you! That is the message from your subconcious mind letting your concious mind know that it knows the truth. There are times when we tell ourselves untruths to get through things, behave badly when we know we shouldn't or simply make a bad choice. Our concious mind rationalizes the thoughts or behavior. We say ""It's okay because. . .(you fill in the blank)".
Here's the thing. . . the subconcious (and I know you hear it), knows when you are not in line with your authentic self. When the inner spirit yells peek-a-boo too loudly, we sometimes take refuge in staying busy, medication, drinking excessively, or acting out in some other unhealthy fashion that will quiet the subconcious and let us live happily in the Land of Make Believe. It is the ultimate struggle between self and situation. We all go through it in some form or fashion.
It is not anything that we should deny or be ashamed of, but rather something to recognize in the moment. There will certainly be times when you need to stay in the Land of Make Believe until the dust settles and you can face things head on. Sometimes it is helpful to live there on one truth so that you can face the another one. For example, you are very unhappy in your job (you live in LOMB saying that you are happy) and you have a lot debt (this is where you're going to face things head on).

In these moments, the decision is weighted more heavily on the situation and its outcome, rather than being true to your authentic self; for fear of what it might look like. In the short run it may work, people may buy it, but your subconscious definitely won't.

Ultimately, the goal is honesty with yourself; when you conscious and subconscious minds are in sync.

Live authentically,


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