Monday, September 6, 2010

Why We May Not Like the Truth

Truth: being in accord with a particular fact or reality. Are you in truth?

There are many truths about ourselves and situations that may be hard to face for many reasons. Facing them may make us feel like we are, less than, not intelligent, unaccomplished, terrible parents, not talented, bad friends, inadequate, not important and the list goes on. Recognizing them may also lead us to believe that others are aware of and judging us for those truths.

Why do we tell ourselves that we're doing a great job when we're not, more influential than we really are, have more money than we really have, haven't gained weight when we have, influence more people than we really do? There are many reasons. Some have to do with expectations from childhood, insecurities, fear of being judged, etc.

Whatever the reason, facing these truths can be a liberating and life changing moment. For what is true today does not have to be true forever. Don't deny your trutch. Look at it, face it and make the necessary adjustments to move into a place of living YOUR truth. Don't let society, that has been set up to reward those who appear to have it all together, be smarter, be quicker, have more, etc., make you try to live in someonelse's truth.

Get out of Living in the Land of Make Believe.

Live your truth!

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