Friday, March 4, 2011

The Guaranteed Formula for Success

Okay, there really is no such thing *me smiling*. Despite what society tells you it looks like, the number of books that are written and motivational speeches you listen to, there is no "one" formula for success. You could make a bunch of money and feel unfulfilled. You could make CEO and hate your life. You could own your own business and have a lesser quality of life than before. You could be married with 2.5 children and still be lonely. You could have built a great reputation and not have the resources you need to live.

Here's the thing, the appearance of of actual possession of money, world travel, expensive cars, big houses, pricey jewelry and access to your every desire has been established as the outwardly sign of success. I won't argue that there are people with all of the above who have truly found "it"; however it's defined by them. That's not my point. My point it is VERY easy to look around and think you're not achieving success. 

Which is a more successful situation?
A. You make $500,000, work 70 hours per week (including weekends), go on vacation for 2 weeks with your family every year.


B. You make $100,000, work 45 hours per week (every once in a while on a weekend) on a flexible schedule, spend quality time with your family throughout the week.

ANSWER: It depends on what your definition of success is.

Now, that being said, there is a formula for YOUR success. Since people seem to like step-by-steps, here it goes:

Step 1: DREAM. Find some quiet time away from your daily routine (about an hour). Spend the first 1/2 hour sitting in complete silence with your eyes closed, dream. Dream about what you want your life to look like. Include family time, how you want to wake up in the morning, where you want to wake up, places you might like to travel (if at all), environment you want to work in (I.e. people oriented, task focused, problem solving, routine focused, autonomy, flexible schedule, etc.), options you want your money to provide, who you want to help in your journey, hobbies, things you want to learn, things you want to do, who are you are (confident, serving, well spoken, kind, helpful, respectable, etc.). Anything you can think of having to do with your life. Dream it!

Step 2: RECORD. Spend the second half our writing down what you just learned and categorize it into work, family, you, spiritual, and any other relevant categories. If you have time, write it or type it neatly, so you can revisit it. If not be sure to make this a priority. It's a critical next step. Record it!

Step 3: ESTABLISH. Create a method for ensuring that you live your truth as you just defined it, so that each day's tasks & thoughts contribute towards what you've decided your success is. This could include a daily affirmation, not reading too many magazines that suggest a different life for you, releasing some of the people in your life who are "dream drowners", STOP defending your choices (this is YOUR success plan). Establish it!

Step 4: ACTUALIZE. Take action on something! Begin to knock out your list. If you need a certain amount of money to live the life you want, strategize and execute how you're going to make it. Don't assume you need a lot. If you want to be sure that you spend quality with your family, then work on getting to an environment that allows you the flexibility to do so. If part of your success is have a CEO title, then ensure that you are on a path and have a plan to get there (use mentors). Actualize it!

Step 5: MONITOR. Check in frequently to see how your doing. This takes place in several ways. When you find yourself being envious or feeling like you aren't doing enough, check in. See if your feelings are related to your own inaction or if you are falling into the Land of Make Believe of living someone else's life. Remind yourself that everything that shines is not gold. Stop envying and sulking. Start dreaming, executing and succeeding. Monitor it!

Well, look at that I'm asking you to D.R.E.A.M. on your terms. 

It doesn't matter who you are or what you're trying to do, you can get there. The only difference between you and anyone else is experience, opportunity, execution and choices. Whether you're at the top, middle or bottom of the rung, you can decide to create your formula and Live Your Truth.


Yours in truth,


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