Saturday, February 12, 2011

Your Norm vs. My Truth

As I was having dinner with a friend the other night and talking about various things, I realized (or maybe just crystalized) a huge problem that we're having in this society. It is the norm vs. the truth. What do I mean by that? Well, there are societal norms that have been established like (for my Christian folks, stay with me. I know there are absolutely those established by the word of God. I'm posting on the fleshly things today :)), you're supposed to be a good test taker if you're smart - if you aren't out of pampers by the age of 3 then somethings wrong -  a woman should want to be married - men should want to always have sex - the faster you learn the smarter you are - the bigger and better your house and car is the more successful you must be - if your husband or wife doesn't beat you, comes home every night and stays gainfully employed, you should be perfectly happy - women who are single for long periods of time must be gay or thoroughly damaged - if someone asks you how you are doing, you're supposed to say "good". Why? because nobody likes a complainer. I really could go on and on.

Now, I am a fan of standards, lest we be a society filled with complete chaos, laziness and underachievers. How will you know what you're getting if you don't know what to expect. Here is where the ugly "C" word comes into play (not the disease, but the other taboo word). . . .COMMUNICATION. You should only expect what people say they can give. For instance, if a print shop says that they will get you your wedding invitations on Friday no later than 3:00pm error free, then you should be able to show up at 3:05 and expect to pick them up in such a condition. If a guy tells a woman that he is not looking for anything serious right now and wants to date, then a woman should not then set her eyes on him thinking that she'll be the one to tame the wild bachelor. Lastly, if the school district expects children to know AB&C prior to graduating to compete in this global economy, then parents should make every effort to make sure that happens and not blame the school when their children don't succeed.

This Norm vs. Truth applies in so many areas, I could write a book. Hey, there's an idea! I'm on it. 

The societal norms are established and released into the atmosphere. Then we breathe it in daily through all kinds of mediums, including family members, friends and coworkers. That leaves us in a place to call lots of things and people "weird" when they don't fit it. The funny thing is that, I believe, most people don't fit within the societal norms. They conform to them, so as not to be thought of as "weird". Why? Because no matter what, people want to be liked and accepted. I'm not a fan of crazy people, but I definitely dig weird ones. Why? Because somewhere they are trying to live their truth. It may not be coming across in the right manner always and sometimes they go to the extreme out of a rebellion against the norm, but I understand their plight.

Living Your Truth is not an easy task. We don't encourage it which forces people to make a decision very early in life on whether they stand in truth or in The Land of Make Believe. You begin early saying that you want to grow up and be a doctor or a lawyer, when you actually don't know what it takes to be one or even if you would enjoy it in the least bit (side note: I have so many friends who "used" to be lawyers). You find yourself feeling pressure to try a cigarette or make fun of the chubby kid to wear certain styles of clothing whether they are to your liking or not. By the way, chubby kids are quickly becoming the norm, so you skinny kids better watch out :). Sometimes Living Your Truth is knowing that you are participating in the Land of Make Believe, but eyes wide open. . .not pretending.

As I mentioned previously, Living Your Truth is not an easy walk, but I would argue a fulfilling one. It's the closest thing to freedom I've ever experienced.

Thank you for reading my rant. I pray a life of happiness and fulfillment in your truth.

I would love to hear any Living Your Truth Experiences that you care to share.

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  1. My truth is we all have choices which is the greatest thing (other than the death of his son) that God has given us. . .I've learned after a long battle with drama that I choose to be happy regardless of whatever is going on in my life and let God fight my battles. . .its not always easy but my truth is. . .My mother and father actually raised me well (Rev. & Mrs). . back when the neighborhood had a hand in raising kids,too! Things have changed and we give kids too much slack - producing a generation of babies having babies and disrespectful adults. . .My truth is . . .I choose to infect as many people with my happiness, courage, love of God and wisdom as possible!