Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is it Live or is it Memorex?

I'm not actually old enough to remember these commercials, but someone told me about them *winks*. For those of you who don't know "Memorex" was a company that made cassette tapes. Their tag line, "is it live or is it Memorex?" was to give you the impression that the cassette sounded so good that if you closed your eyes, you couldn't tell if it was live or the tape.

So, when it comes to matters of the heart, how do you know if it's real or if it seems that way in the moment, if it's "live" or "Memorex"? What is it that makes it feel "live"? Is it the way he/she makes you feel when you're with them, their ambition, their like of the same things you like, a similar upbringing, having come through a rough time together, time already invested, their philosophy on life, their want to please you, their potential, their position, their looks, time in (I'm naming as many as possible because I really want to you think about it), the way they dress, their swagger, their confidence, their possessiveness, their giving ways, their family, their lifestyle? Or is it their heart, the way you feel like you can tell them anything, the way they listen to you when you speak, the admiration they have for you as a human being, their acceptance of you just the way you are, the way they have your back, because they make you want to be better?

There may be one main reason you know or there may be several. When do you know that the what is "live"? In the beginning it could be the way they dress, your parallel goals, the potential of you all together, the fun you have and way your stomach flutters when you see them. However, with a closer look at a later date, you may realize that those reasons made it "Memorex". As you explore your own inner workings, you may find the need for a different connection. Or, you may find that it is, indeed, as live now as it was then.

If you live in the land of make believe (LOMB), you will ignore the fact that it's Memorex and you'll go with it, pretending that it's real and satisfying. You will continue to talk yourself into believing that it is live; after all, wasn't it before? How could you have been wrong? If you live in the land of authenticity and truth (LOAT), you'll communicate with your significant other in hopes that they will be open to where you are and able to understand your current needs. This is when you know it's "live". Not because it was everything you thought it was, but because it is with one another that you can be your authentic self. And, you can do this without judgment and with the understanding that your ability to communicate and to meet each other in your respective places make is SO "live".

I would never suggest that you throw caution to the wind, pick up your belongings and move out of LOMB if you find out that it's Memorex. It is a journey and sometimes not one people are willing to take. Having come from the LOMB, I would suggest that you begin the process by simply taking a look. You may decide once you look that Living in the Land of Make Believe is good enough; that the lifestyle, status and trappings it provides are worth the real estate you occupy. No judgment here. However, do it with your eyes open.

When you take a look. . .is it "live" or is it "memorex"?

Live Your Truth!


  1. I'v been lucky/blessed enough to have had 2 "Live" relationships that turn into Memorex". LAL...Laughing A Little ! You gotta be FRIENDS, whatever that means for you. Communicate ! Communication is a big key ! I love a well dressed man with swagger ! The friendship and communication will get you thru the valleys when that well dressed man with swagger is getting on your last nerve :-)

  2. Good look on the comment Rob and agreed.

  3. Hey Monica. Very interesting blog. I'll continue to tune in and see where I can get "learn-ed".